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Sold / Incubator, AB Newlife 75 MK 6


  • auto turn
  • humidity control
  • roller or tilt setup
  • fully serviced and calibrated
  • sterilised after use every time and ready to go
  • brand new cost is $4500
  • full instruction book supplied
  • can bring to Orange Bird Sale
  • the following is copied from the manufacturers  website
  • Microprocessor controlled temperature with an unrivaled Accuracy of ±0.2°C or better.
  • Integral digital readout of temperature with built in calibration feature.
  • High temperature alarm sounder, and automatic heater cut out to prevent damage to eggs.
  • Turn and pause rotation of eggs, assisting development.
  • Programmable turning system. Allowing from 1 to 144 turns per 24 hour period set on a clock face.
  • Variable travel of trays and rollers giving infinite variation to the amount of turn to accommodate even the smallest egg diameters.
  • New rubber coated rollers now available to fit as a set of three or a set of nine.
  • The latest dial up humidity system giving accurate control Water supplied from an external source to limit bacteria Turning counter available on tray models only.
  • Large double glazed viewing panel for limited heat loss.
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