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Macawsome Aviaries & Brokerage Services

Especially created for those of you who don’t have the time or desire to sell your own birds

We can sell your birds by commission, consignment or purchase them outright.

To take advantage of us and let us do all the work for you simply call us 0427439321 or email

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Terms & Conditions

If you have a bird/s you want to sell, simply send us an email with the relevant details including 

  • Good quality photo
  • Age & DNA sexing details
  • Closed rung
  • Parent reared or hand reared
  • Breeding history if any
  • If bird/s have any defect/s we will need to know about as they will be advertised as such
  • If an MTR can be provided’
  • Price  you want them advertised for.

Our commission is 10% on sales over $2000.00 (AUD), however we can negotiate the rate on more expensive species

We appreciate your business and hope to hear from you soon


  • Birds/s under $2000.00 sales price carry a $200.00 fee
  • Birds under $1000.00 sales price carry a $100.00 fee
  • Birds may be housed with us for sales; however, all care is taken but no responsibility
  • By negotiation we may purchase birds from you outright
  • Strictly no birds will be freighted unweaned

Buyer Protection

  • All bird/s will be freighted by either Qantas Freight or Virgin Freight
  • Consignments are required to be picked up from their respective freight terminals
  • In some circumstances, consignments are able to be delivered personally
  • Macawsome Aviares will hold all monies paid for purchase of bird/s for 24 hours after purchaser has taken delivery of the consignment
  • If, within that 24 hours, for some reason you find they are not as described, rings and with the consultation we will organize for the bird/s to be returned to the sender
  • All monies paid will be refunded on return of the consignment