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About Us

Keeping, breeding & selling birds for over 30 years

Award Winning

Australian Bird Keeper magazine "Bird Product and Service” award

30 Years

Over 30 years keeping, breeding, and selling many species of birds

Macawsome Aviaries is situated on a 30 hectare piece of paradise on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

We have been keeping, breeding, and selling many species of birds for the past 30 years.

In the year 2000 we opened a pet and produce supply store in Forster, called Mik’s Pet Barn. Through the trade of birds and goods we became known all over the country.

We built up a repertoire that won Miks Pet Barn “Small Business” and “Business of the Year” in 2006.

The following year we followed that up with a “Bird Product and Service” award thought the Australian Bird Keeper magazine.

In 2010 due to health reasons, we decided to sell our business. We then began building up our bird collection once again and though the trading of birds we found an abundance of aviculturists seeking assistance to sell their birds.

We started a brokerage service with a Birds for Sales email list, and this soon outgrown itself, with the forever growing number of recipients receiving our sales list.

Now that we have our own website, we are still the ones to call when you need assistance in selling your birds.

Mick & Sharon Sowter –
Phone: 0427 439 321